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Snohomish was founded in 1859, just two years before the US Civil War, as a ferry crossing over the Snohomish River between the military posts of Steilacoom and Bellingham.

The first record

The first record of the property this house was built on is on December 16, 1874 when Mary Sinclair sold Lots 1-8 of Snohomish Block 8 to the Snohomish School District.

When it was declared surplus property by the Snohomish School District on March 7, 1890, N.S. McCready purchased Lots 1 and 2. McCready, one of Snohomish's earliest doctors, sold the lots to Thomas F. Thompson, a naturopathic doctor, on February 28, 1891. During our renovation process a catalog for the Fall and Winter 1893-94 for D. Jacobs & Co. Snohomish, Wash. was found in the attic

The Great Panic/Depression occurred in the United States in 1893-94 while the house was being built which was then listed as 121 Cedar. The address of the house has changed over the years even though the house has not been moved. The two lots the house was built on was plotted off of what is now Pearl Street but was then First Street as the our current First Street was Front Street. Getchell sold the house when it was constructed to Dr. Thompson on July 5, 1898. It is not surprising that Dr. Thompson lost 1/4 of each of the lots on which the house was built on March 23, 1900 to J.M. Davis in what was called a forced tax sale. It was a difficult 15 years of ownership for one of Snohomish's earliest doctors as several people had an interest in the property.

The records show that on March 23, 1900 the Thompsons were foreclosed on by Jane and Neil Spithall, who were apparently going through a divorce at the time. J.A. Pounder received an interest in the property from Samuel J. Nerdrum on December 22, 1905. Dr. Thompson sold his interest in the house to Ira Serene on February 27, 1906 who sold the house to J.A. Pounder on October 6, 1906. He held the house for 3 years before selling it to Minnie Bushfield and her husband, James on December 17, 1909.

The house was purchased on April 5, 1920 by George and Elizabeth Danser who turned it into a boarding house. The Dansers' niece, who lived here in the early 1920's, said that what she remembered most about the house was washing the windows. This house has 58 windows whereas the average house has 18-20 windows. On March 16, 1928, just prior to the Great Depression, a mortgage was assigned to Helen R. Ladd and Julius Zellmer for $1400. The Dansers turned it into apartments, and it was still known as the Danser Apartments when we bought it in 1974.

Second mortgage for $138.20

It was mortgaged on January 29, 1938 for $1500 to First National Bank and a second mortgage for $138.20 was given to Montgomery Ward for bathroom fixtures on December 19, 1939. John Horace Danser and his wife Lucy Jane purchased the house on December 7, 1946 from his parents for $8,000. Harold B. & Helen King bought it on August 20, 1956. They sold it ten years later to their son, Melvin L. Torgeson on May 22, 1966 for $9,000.

It was sold by his wife, Maryann Torgeson, to Larry and Sandy Countryman as a six unit apartment for $16,500. It closed on April 16, 1974, the day they had their fourth child.

Here we are 40 years later ready to share our three room bed and breakfast with you.